Yang Zhou

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Yang Zhou
Research: Precipitation & Nucleation mechanisms
in model Ni-based Superalloy
Education: Phd in MSE @ Northwestern Univ
MS in Phys. @ Northwestern Univ
BS in Phys. @ Nanjing Univ
Publications: Publications by Zhou in our database


Yang Zhou
Materials Science and Engineering
2220 North Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60208
Phone: 847.491.5883
Fax: 847.467.2269

It has been decades since Ni-based superalloy first saw its potent in the application within the engines, yet the future of the Ni-based superalloys remains prospective.

Stepping into my fifth year's study as a graduate student in professor Seidman's research group, I am continuing to work on the phase evolution behavior of model Ni-based superalloys, both with and without the addition of refractory elements, such as ruthenium, rhenium and tungsten, added to provide hardening or suppress the formation of TCP phases. My research, supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), targets understanding the phase evolutions in the Ni-based superalloys in a quantitative way that either proves or improves the classical models which are widely used for modeling the precipitation phenomena. The beauty of atom-probe tomography directly exposes the behaviors of single solute atoms in the alloy system, and together with kinetic monte-carlo simulation results, reveals the role played by every single species.

I obtained my B.S. degree in Physis from Nanjing University (Nanjing, China), and my M.S. degree in Physics was from the Physics department at Northwestern University.

I have by now completed the experimental parts of my PhD research and am working on writing up my work. Below is a list of my published papers to-date that reflect my work in Dr. Seidman's group (more are on the way):

  • Y. Zhou, Z. Mao, C. Booth-Morrison, D. N. Seidman, The partitioning and site preference of rhenium or ruthenium in model nickel-based superalloys: An atom-probe tomographic and first principles study, Applied Physics Letters, 93(17), 171905/1-171905/3, 2008.
  • Y. Zhou, C. Booth-Morrison, D. N. Seidman, On the field evaporation behavior of a model Ni-Al-Cr superalloy studied by picosecond pulsed-laser atom-probe tomography, Microscopy and Microanalysis, 14(6), 571-581, 2008.
  • C. Booth-Morrison, Y. Zhou, R. Noebe, D. N. Seidman, On the nanometer scale phase decomposition of a low-supersaturation Ni-Al-Cr alloy, Philosophical Magazine, Philosophical Magazine, 90(1-4), 219-235, 2010.
  • Y. Zhou, D. Isheim, G. Hsieh, R. Noebe, D. N. Seidman, Effect of a ruthenium addition on phase separation in a model Ni-Al-Cr-Ru superalloy, submitted to Acta Materialia, 2010.