Qingqiang Ren

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[[Image:|none|280px|Qingqiang Ren]]

Research: AO Smith steel project
Education: Graduate Student Northwestern University
ME, MSE, Central South University 2015
BE, MSE, Central South University 2012
Publications: Publications by Ren in our database


Qingqiang Ren
Materials Science and Engineering
2220 North Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60208

Steels have been investigated for centuries, still we know so little.

My name is Qingqiang Ren (任清强), and you can just call me Q.Q. I joined the group at 2015, and am working on the AO Smith Steel project. The project is to understand the effect of inter-critical annealing on microstructure, phase transformations, and strengthening mechanism of a low-carbon steel. As for hobbies, I am a big fan of Arsenal, a football club at London, and play tennis and/or soccer on weekends. (You can get the idea why football and soccer are used respectively, right?)

More information about myself can be found on my homepage.