Dan Schreiber

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Dan Schreiber
Research: Magnetic Multilayers
Education: BS in Materials Science - Michigan State University (2005)
PhD in Materials Science - Northwestern University (2011)
Publications: Publications by Schreiber in our database


Daniel Schreiber
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Richland, WA 99354
Phone: 509.372.6920
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I was co-advised by Dr. David Seidman and Dr. Amanda Petford-Long at Argonne National Laboratory. My PhD research centered on the correlation between microstructure and transport properties in magnetic tunnel junction structures, and especially understanding the role of annealing on the local chemistry in MgO-based tunnel junctions and its affect on magnetotransport across the barrier.

I am currently a Staff Scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory studying environmental degradation of metals in high-temperature water environments.