Marsha van Dalen

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Marsha van Dalen
Marsha van Dalen at the 3DAP
Research: Aluminum-Scandium Alloys
Publications: Dalen Publications by van Dalen in our database


Marsha van Dalen
Materials Science and Engineering
2220 North Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60208
Phone: 847.491.3575
Fax: 847.467.2269

My research focuses on Al-Sc alloys with ternary additions. These alloys form nanosize Al3Sc precipitates. Currently, I am adding several rare earth elements as ternary additions with the hope of improving the creep properties and making the microstructure more stable. The small size scale of the precipitates requires the use of a specific set of tools to study the microstructure. One of the main tools I use is the Atom-Probe Tomograph (APT). This instrument gives near atomic resolution which allows us to see the position of individual atoms within the material. I also use transmission electron microscopy to study the microstructure. Mechanical testing of the alloys is also important. The main property under investigation is the creep resistance of the alloys.

I am co-advised by David Dunand and David Seidman, who are both in the Materials Science Department.