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IVAS 3.0
Maintainer Imago
Latest release: 3.0 / 2006
OS: Windows (2.x unofficial on Mac OS X)
Genre: Atom-Probe Tomographic Analysis
License: Rent from NUCAPT
Website: IVAS

IVAS (Imago Visualization and Analysis Software) is a commercial and proprietary Java application by Imago. It runs on all of the NUCAPT PCs and Macs, which are available for local or remote access.

System Requirements

  • An x86 PC running Windows (other platforms are unofficial). 2.6 GHz stated minimum, 2x Intel Dual Core Xeon 5150 recommended
  • A lot of RAM. 1 GB stated minimum, 4 GB recommended
  • An Nvidia graphics card (running ForceWare 91.36 or newer) is strongly recommended. FX500 stated minimum, Quadro 3500 256MB recommended
  • Large or multiple monitors. 2X 20” LCD (1600x1200 resolution) recommended
  • Storage space. 100 GB stated minimum, 250 GB SATA recommended

The specifications for NUCAPT's workstations are described on our computers page.


  • Proxigram
  • Envelope method/precipitate analysis
  • Roughness/interface analysis
  • Imports:
    • .pos (standard for many atom-probe groups)
    • .rhit (generated by the LEAP)
  • Exports:
    • .pos
  • Manipulation via
    • GUI
    • Jython

Feedback and Notes

Rick has a page of IVAS screencasts. NUCAPT users are invited to provide feedback on IVAS.


IVAS ships with software initially written by Mike Miller, including the envelope method that is partly based on Jon Hyde's maximum separation method. The version included with IVAS 3.0 and below (envelope-2.1) have memory limitations and occasionally have seek errors. Mike and Imago graciously allowed Richard Karnesky to modify the source code to work with larger datasets. This version (envelope-2.3 and above) also implements a parser for Imago range files (in addition to the parser for ORNL files that Mike wrote). NUCAPT can make binaries of this program available only to customers that already have a copy of IVAS. The information for the most distributed windows binaries of these different versions are listed below:

Version Date Size (bytes) SFV MD5
2.1 March 2005 80,936 249D956A 03b90d6c6a9e563b23cf9280e401d769
2.3 March 2007 52,953 E4C0c9EA D4C1EF7EA5D7FBBF4C2DB36A2C1924C4
2.4 August 2008 112,118 31E01827 ecc2e05c13ccdd1f49e0389671b695d9

Checksums may be checked with wxChecksums:

  • Download any linked checksum, above
  • Open it with wxChecksums
  • If you are using the same version of IVAS as was used to generate the fies, you will be told whether your checksums are O.K.
  • If you are using a different version of IVAS, click & drag the envelope.exe to the window & manually compare the two checksums.