Ceramic/Metal Interfaces

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3DAP Analysis of Au Segregation at a CdO/Ag Metal/Ceramic Heterophase Interface (J. T. Sebastian).
Atomic reconstruction of an MgO ceramic precipitate in a Cu metal matrix (the matrix atoms are omitted for the sake of clarity). From J. Ruesing, J. T. Sebastian, O. C. Hellman, and D. N. Seidman, "Three-Dimensional Investigations of Ceramic/Metal Heterophase Interfaces by Atom-Probe Microscopy," Microscopy and Microanalysis, 6 445-451 (2000). Data collected using the 3DAP and rendered using Apex.
3DAP reconstruction showing the segregation of Sb to a MgO/Cu(Sb) ceramic/metal interface). From J. T. Sebastian, J. Ruesing, O. C. Hellman, D. N. Seidman, W. Vriesendorp, B. J. Kooi, and J. Th. DeHosson, "Subnanometer Three-Dimensional Atom-Probe Investigation of Segregation at MgO/Cu (Ag or Sb) Ceramic/Metal Heterophase Interfaces," Ultramicroscopy, 89 (1-3), 203-213 (2001). Data collected using the 3DAP and rendered using Apex.